$100k GTD Powerfest Tournament Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Our MTT coach reviews a deep run in the $215 Powerfest event on partypoker


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  • ghaleon


    4:25 AQo: Pretty standard 3barrel spot to me with strong Ax on good amount of runouts. Like I suppose you wont barrel that many semibluffs on turn if AQ is not in value bet range.

    6:17 AA: Well preflop I like just calling after slowplaying versus open raise. Imo this flop is ok as check back when we have Ac meaning that there really aint that many bad turns.

    7:45 AQs: Would tend to check this one. Flop favors more of BB even if we have more overpairs. Turn bet seems questionable when we have barely any 6x and BB can have good amount of those.

    14:10 K8o: Would definitely cbet. I suppose you try to get check-raise. In river if villain has 9 he will bet versus check like 90+% of time so by check-raising river you can put 9x into awkward spot. Yeah there is clear reason to just check 9x as well but personally I rarely see it happening. Also if he was drawing or had 8x he might decide to try bluff. Ax is sort of unlikely as it was limped pot for calling hand. Well some Q or this time J might end up calling. But to me river would often be check-raise.

    18:50 AA: Personally would just 3bet always that deep. I think there is just too much value to have chance for villain to stack off some of weaker hands preflop. Especially if this was still rebuy period.

    26:00 96o: I really dont like having check-shove range there but as said I think you want to either just flat his bet or raise-call. Raise-fold is just waste of equity. But as said are you shoving 7x then also versus bet? Doesnt really make sense. So just use sizing you did and call this. Mix in sometimes some gutshots that can clearly go for raise-fold. Plus have some 7x to snap call. Sounds best to me.

    29:40 86s: Would turn bet be ok for thin value and equity denial

    30:55 88: Clear bet on flop but would you check with TT? Flop cbet size could also be bit bigger. Would go closer to half pot. 3way and pretty drawy flop.

    I think in river it would be ok to make blocker bet of like 100k. We could sometimes get hero call from some Tx/JJ maybe and flushes would probably shove. He shouldnt have too much air like straight draws versus that turn bet but if he occasionally has it might induce some bluffs also. Problem for that is that he shouldnt really have any offsuit straight draws so cant have flush blocker.
  • LuckyLukePS


    AQ I could go either way on the turn, I think tripling is fine too. AA I think even while blocking the club draws it's still best to play this fast on the flop, and we will get check/raised or check/called with some frequency on this type of flop. Also our opponent will rarely check a jack here. As I said in the vid I agree with you re: K8 :) The AA flat call I def mix strategy here, fyi this would be last levels of re-entry and lot of players don't re-enter this shallow. I don't think the 96o needs to be a spot where we play super balanced, so I have no problem (without dynamic) shoving this and doing a sized raise with 7x. Balance is overrated in many MTT spots. 86s I felt turn was too thin to go for value / charging equity. 88 spot I would probably not check TT 3way no. As mentioned in the vid I def agree with going smaller otr.