RukovGrind @ Bankroll Challenge - The Grand Finale

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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This is the final episode, our coach has completed his challenge! Check out the latest NL25 session, graphs and ultimate advice for fellow challengers!


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  • KrisRukov


    Thank you all for the participation !!!
  • Lahoto


    This site has so much information i can use for free and improove my game !! i just love it
  • Partyboy2006


    Very N1 Play up 2 100 000
  • SolidSpazz


    Congrats ;)
    I'd like to see more NL25/NL50 play. Maybe another challenge "From NL25 to NL100" or "Ultimate guide to crush NL50" :P
  • lotteri3xx


    This is proof that micros are not 'unbeatable' because everyone is 'too good'. Sometimes you just have to work to achieve your goals.
  • JazBenz


    Great video :)
  • LigorMAN


    Thank you. good video.
  • Alleen86


    Nice videos, KrisRukov!

    Funny thing I noticed - In your first videos you played at PokerStars with the nickname Peshoo_Juve and in last you were Doki194. How's that possible? :O
  • lamys


    good video
  • KrisRukov


    @Alleen86, I have different accounts depending what country I am at. For example PS doesn't let you play with you .uk account while you're in Italy.
  • ancsi7


    Good video
  • perezdlc


    Good video
  • Portwarrior


    It seems like the dude in the video knows what he does. Its awesome thati can use tthis Information for free
  • veganstyle


    I wachted the hole callenge,very instructive to realize about what kind of metagame we can expect in each levell, but I´ve found this final episode specially inspiring once you can realize how much you can achieve by being constant despite the variance against us..Good job ;)
  • Joesmith1111


    Good job I mea by hat was really well dkne
  • angalius


    good job mate
  • Zivermiver


    Watched the whole thing. Great work man!
  • msnek


    #1 hand: I don't get why check-raising two pair here would be a mistake. People tend to call too much, so weak range doesn't really mean I can't raise against it I think. Besides, FDs and some top pairs are still gonna call me, so I am getting more value out of them. Could u explain in more detail why check-raising two pair here is not good? "I would just call here to see how things go on turn" is just not enough of reasoning for me to justify that play. Thanks for the vid !