Reading And Using Statistics More Effectively

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100 - $10000
  • Shorthanded
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Robmaf who is one of the best and the most recognizable Polish coaches, create an unique video for you, where he shows in practice, how to read and use statistics more effectively in order to exploit your opponents. Enjoy!


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  • Sotodo


    Very nice!
    w$sd when villain bet small/big on the river; fold vs river big/small bet are note caddy stats?
    What percentage of the pot is considered to be a small bet for building a good nc stat? And the same for big bets. Eg. 55% or less is a small bet, 56% or more is a big bet.

  • lelew2011


    very nice
  • meandi289


    Oh that's what I'm looking for
  • linketinus86


    good tips! thanks for the video. really love this site!
  • Robmaf


    Small=40%, BIg=75%+
  • DamianLuna


    Very good video, a lot of valuable information. Pozdrawiam
  • neverdixs


    thanks for the video, great one!
  • Majku99


    Very nice. About second hand, you've said that turn card 8h hits our calling range and I totally agree with that but, it gives vill's range lots od middle strength hands like pair+GS, pair+ FD. j9s hits but that only 4 combos. And I think aggressive player like this would bet here for value/protection
  • Robmaf


    I agree, but there are also many aggressive players who use aggession differently: they bet polarized and ch/c medium value - this is protection vs my ship on the turn. That kind of strategy of betting decreases variance.
    Higher the stakes less often players choose high variance option: bet-call medium/weak value. Of course it depends on many other factors that we can't all list here.
  • dammescu


    very nice :d
  • TakingAShot


    Another high quality video. Not only does this illustrate the idea of the video (interpreting HUD stats) extremely well, but it also teaches a lot of great bet sizing information.