$8 180-man Victory Review: Extreme Adjustments

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TomSom87 finishes his review of and $8 180-man win he recently achieved on PokerStars. Watch as TomSom87 makes some fairly extreme adjustments on the final table to try and combat his opponent's unorthodox play


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  • madein1984


    06:00 this is chip EV, so all your range assumptions are irrelevant. HRC says 97o is -.05, so essentially BE. Calling ranges are 23.1% SB (12.1% overcall BB) and 57.5% BB, so really far away from anytwo.
  • madein1984


    07:30 I do agree that we really should try to find a spot to get it in before being in the BB, but 76o seems too weak tbh. HRC suggests 25% range, with 76o being -.36. If all the slightly -EV hands (up to -.1) are added, the range is 30.9%, which seems better in my opinion than your range of at least 55%.
  • madein1984


    oh wait, I thought we were at the final table already. Sorry for my two posts, they are obviously irrelevant.
  • kliklaklawitter


    luckbox :D
  • tomsom87


    Yeh got ridiculously lucky in this! But no-one ever won by getting unlucky :D
  • L0rdOfFreedom


    17:10 Would you reshove for example 73s here? Do you know that Q8o is really bad hand in this spot and if u want to stay consistent you need to reshove 50-60% here?
  • tomsom87


    No I probably wouldn't reshove 73s. I'm pretty sure a few of the plays I made in this video are bad, but at the time his HUD stats were extremely aggro and he was folding to 3b's basically 100%. It just felt like there was a huge gap between his opening and calling range.

    It certainly isn't a standard play by a long way, but with the stats I had to hand at the time (admittedly not the greatest sample), it looked like on of those spots where you could reshove ATC profitably.

    Retrospectively, I think I massively over adjusted in this, but much better to do videos where I made mistakes / did weird stuff than just HH's where I think I played really well.
  • maxtere


    10:00 I dont think that minraising A9o from utg would be bad because people are so tight in 180s and only player you have to call is btn.
  • JustgAMblin


    Awesome video to watch obv. But there are also very nice thoughts about these spots vs very aggro players.

    Last hand though is obv. too obv., that he has it and i would have let go of it.

    But in the earlier FT spots vs HelloKitty i really think you did great to punish him for his overaggression. Its prob. +EV to reshove any2 vs these type of players in BU vs BB spots.

    You made the right moves imo. Adaption is so important and can boost the ROI insanely high.

    gg :)