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Poker is a game of incomplete information. Thus every bit of information you can get is very valuable. The more players have to act before you, the more information you can get. Your position at the table indicates at what point in time you have to make a decision.


Position series The Basics Theory Video

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In this video you will learn... … why position is so important at the poker table … what relative position means … what influence position has ..

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the first video in the Basic Series of Lessons - Position

    If you have any questions or comments please join the Discussion in the forum here:


    Don't forget to study the lesson, take the quiz and do the exercises which come with this video
  • sniokers


    maybe I misunderstood but in 1:10 (to 1:15) you siad that in game stay BB,MP and CO what is not true.


    Your right indeed. The players left to act are BB,MP en the BU.
  • Laci24


    I like the video!
  • christopherberry


    Great tutorial, thank you.
  • MrBayma


    nice video
  • tequilajackbr


    Nice vídeo that will help me so much , true usefull.May You make a new vídeo explaining when the Hero is in position with the Button running an entire orbit ? Thanks in advance.
  • Kirkwood89


    Cool nice and simple
  • corsc


    Sorry at 1:34 the narrator says the IP player is on the button but is actually playing from CO
  • gjaol


    this very usefull
  • KingBoker


    i like it.
  • tuananh1601