10 Beginner Omaha Tournament Strategies

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In the first video from Scott Clements for PokerStrategy.com, we are brought into the new series of Beginner PLO Concepts, the first video will focus on players who are playing tournament PLO.


Beginner series Theory Video

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy the very first video from ScottClements! Please keep the comments in english!
  • MonkeySam


    jejeje thank you very much indeed!!
  • dieguito06


    PLO MTT = free money
  • fidelKE


    very good video.thanks
  • Kaeresen


    You've told me recently in the chat that you're changing site, but I had no idea that it would be Pokerstrategy :). Nice to see your vids here Scott. Looking forward to see some quality mtt content
  • samm1989


    great vid, concisely put
  • santostr


    I'm no PLO pro, but I think some advices are not correct for beginers playing small buyin tourneys.

    I played a few ~$5 torneys back at Full Tilt and a lot of players barely new the rules of the game. In this case, playing top set slow looks very very bad.
  • RocknRollAd


    I really liked this video! Thanks for the clear explanation.
  • ShypreRouge


    the best player ))
  • BillGatesIII


    Nice. Especially the playing difference with PLO cash games (sh and hu).
  • RockyRaccoon


    this video is da nutz! thank u very much, cant wait for next parts u've mentioned!
  • Benps


    Great great vid Scott. Welcome to PokerStrategy btw ;)
  • xxCaRpeDiEM9xx


    Great vid scott ... i am waiting for the other! :)
  • Gonfy


    5 stars!

    great videos!

    please make the next 3 parts :)
  • vincentkel


    Super nice vidéo :)
  • Sailer85


    good video, nice contents. However it seems you are out of breath the entire video
  • Njeng


    very nice
  • Sushifresser


    The video definitely helped me to understand some PLO-unique spots better, but it would be great if you could show the example hands on the screen instead of just telling them. Would make it alot easier to follow.
  • Ramadamses


    Who else is watching this because of the Pot-limit Omaha freeroll tonight? ;D
  • mardmo


    I'm :)
  • Pokerroy1607


    Very nice Video......Hope to see more contents of MTT-Omaha,because its very exciting..
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Very nice work Mr. Clements! You must be a good multi tabler too... considering that you probably even think much faster then you talk... and you talk pretty fast deep thought...

    looking forward to your next vids - especially the series...
  • hjkhjk


    Very useful stuff !
  • Yoghurt1973


  • Bebo80


    Very good video please continue to give us exellent material Scott!
  • ndeboeck


    nice video! When will the 3 videos be available?
  • Ainacho


    I like this video, it's easy to follow you.
  • JohnCenaFA


    A very good video! I'll watch it once more in a short time to make sure these information stays in my head! :)