How to play Ace-High

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In the new production from mbml, we explore the various options we have in different context, with the Ace high. The main topic will be focused around whether or not this hand performs better at showdown or as a bluff.


Ace Ace high bluff postflop thematic video value

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  • yomatiyo


    First =)
  • DanielK


    Enjoy the Video, keep the comments in english please ;-)
  • yomatiyo


    Min 23:00, u dont bet A2-A8 =) you beat A3 A5 A7, A2 A4 A6 A8 beat us. Just a litlle mistake there.

    I also like bluffing that spot cause he has to fold a los of small SC that are better than us in the showdown now.
    I think an 8x can hero call, but 6x 4x 2x really cant, and if he opens 70%, well, there is a lot of that hands also.
  • yomatiyo


    great vid like allways!
  • LemOn36


    nice concept fo sho :O
    Can you post an update on your downswing and how you are coping?
  • LemOn36


    AJ hand - leatherass said this is a leak of yours, you think in terms of pot odds and equity on one street against him ( 7:50) and not the whole hand, given his analysis this is not an easy check call at all on the flop, do you agree?
  • MagnumLemon


    Thank you for the video. It gave me a lot of ideas how to play A-High better in future.