The TV World Championship Coachbattle

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We are proud to present you the Podcast from the Pokerstrategy Coach Battle with all holecards. You want participate by yourself in the Pokerstrategy TV World Championship?


Coach Battle PokerHeaven Session Review

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  • DanielK


    Enjoy our Coachbattle Podcast and please keep the comments in English!
  • DanielK


    The List of the nicknames:

    twicet screen: m0nkeyt1lt
    chenny8888 screen: chenny8888
    grummeler screen: grummeler1
    veriz screen:veriz
    gerv screen: HermioneW
    mbml screen: mbml
    TerrorBlade screen: dakrynveii
    Bierbaer screen: lolulose
    TheLastNail screen: USuckHard
    PhilShaw screen: POO7KER
  • Stedyeddy


    go go go chenny : D
  • Endurx


    its pretty strange feeling when you start watching video, see the list of players and you'r almost sure who gonna win :p
  • Gavron23


    43:00 you definitely don't have to shove there you have 10BB and do not lose you fold equity after the blinds - it would be quite a mistake to do that actually :) Also as a default at least in SNG tournaments it is standart to still minraise 20-15BB deep.
  • Gerovit


    J3 is bad shove also. You have 6.5 bb's you should not be so desperate yet
  • SkyTheSlayer


    Whers is that 5k freeroll gonna happen?
  • DanielK


    Yes, the Freeroll will take place on Pokerheaven.
  • Psycoryp


    very interesting. good work
  • sidderaal


    I especially liked to c random hands dealt in a sng where you can c all hands. Normally you don't c it that way. Onlly final tables in mtt.
  • M1rCea


    19:20 1st part viewed
  • palmtrees


    thx very much, love to see players cards and you giving your views about it. Very educational. At the end it was a bit hectic with all the zooming. A table view would have been better in my opinion but keep those vids coming please.