Scott Lazar Imploding at the 2005 WSOP ME

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Scott Lazar's terrible demise at the final table of the 2005 WSOP Main Event.


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  • MattKaufman


    Enjoy, and keep the comments in English please!
  • blonytair


  • Nickita86


    rly LOL
  • travishc


    zweimal easy call, ganz klar...unlucky!
  • bbosstjan


    talk about
  • AmuntBoy


    call with K9 and QT
    imploding for that?
  • nathanrenard


    And that was actually 3 hands in a row.
  • Blade90


    Unreal, never saw this one before, cant believe what a moron
  • AceroJD


    I dont understand why black didnt bet the turn that is a good card to late cbet and make it look like a bluff and also no given free cards to JT+ ....

    and lazar couldnt handel the presure. lol donk
  • Ossieyeris


    Damn so unlucky to ran with K9 in AQ and QT in Jacks. Classic setups. Such Cooler Spots. I felt so sry for him and especialy after he foldet the Ace rag off. They would have paid him off (they had fullhouses and would probably bet it the whole way both/ threeway for him) and after this hand he just would have nearly all chips and like ten hands later he would have won. this poor guy. but thats poker.Even if u can handle the swings and the badbeats then just the best hands gets cracked. like the premium K9s or QTo (how could they ever lose)
    Very sad video. What we learn out of this ? Even live poker final tables are rigged.

    goodnight and bye i go to have some sleep
  • Ossieyeris


    Everlasting QTo <3
  • bitval


    what a monkey..
  • xxpavelx


    lol lazar: i played great. i felt that i played like a champion...
  • preludiumm


    Omg, that was so stupid... he is grinding 1.1$ on pstars or smth?
  • Thailand0


    what a donk :D
  • ChailenTT


    lol champion of dumbness.... lol idiot...
  • tskuter


    very fast call all in with QT. LOL
  • XyJIuGUN17


    fast call with q10 and said: i give you a gambling)))))))
  • XyJIuGUN17


    i will be better if he said i give you my chips)
  • Dementure


    напишу по-русски вид.ха порадовала))
    writeing on russian, nice video
  • Daewon7


    lazar is a mega donk, but kanter is at least the same shit, he was lucky against raymer and ayhan alsancak(who busted at 10th place whit qq on ten high board or so, kanter snapcall whit fd...)and against many others also he played terrible but get lucky. and he busted ivey, i dont remember exactly the konfrontation, but just the fact that he busted ivey makes him a retard
  • Njeng


    clubs und spades schauen fast gleich aus, miese quali
  • intothejungle


    #10 - fail.
  • maCque


    @ 22 i had the same first idea too ... so bad -.-
  • Termi8r


    "his play during the week similar to mike matuso..." lol donk
  • chobois


    easy call!:D
  • Daewon7


    if lazar wouldnt be there hachem probably wouldnt have win the main event ;)
  • jimmy99x


    i was supporting black in this one .
  • jackinbeat


    oh dear, so sad, brain freeze or just wanted to head off and start spending the $1.5mil.. funny side note when Joe Hachem trying to school Andy Black!
  • PokerNoob91