Leakfinder - Part 1

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Aaron Lambert reviews the play of paydapiper in the $2.20 180-man MTTs on Pokerstars and analyzes his leaks.


MTSNG PokerStars series turbo User Session Review

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  • Huckebein


  • Scherben


    what a horrible play ;)
    but nice review
  • JJBBSaggy


    i think this is a must watch for microstakes players. its awesome :D
  • Play4forlife


    Hope this series continues with somewhat better players than Hero (no offense, we all started once).
    I´m afraid there isn´t too much to learn for players which read the articles and watched some vids on ps.com.

    Hope that doesn´t sound too negative, because the vid is good.
  • goldchess


    [] kept watching when hero limped QTo on the button
  • DevineBluff


    i love stars 2.20$/180 . more videos like this one.
  • niknik88


    @all the a**holes who flame hero in this video:
    Shut the f*** up!
    Dont you understand that those videos, where hero makes loads of mistakes, are the best ones to learn something?

    You are the Reason why some people here just post their best HHs... They are scared to be flamed by some a**holes like you.

    Just shut up, you are embarrassing!
  • Play4forlife


    First of all, watch your mouth. If you want do to criticize someone do it in a proper way.
    No one really 'flames' hero, or we just got a different definition of 'flaming'.

    My point is, that a leakfindervideo is way more interesting when a reg/semireg plays, just because thats closer to who most of us are.
    Hero is a recreational player, which is normal, we all were in the beginning but I think thats not the best constellation for a leakfindervideo, because most of these leaks are already found by reading standard articles and watching some livevids or sessionreviews.

    Hope you watch your tongue in future or ou don´t post in general when you are already on tilt.
    Just my 2 cents
  • niknik88


    Sry for the bad tone.

    I only read #5 and outbursted. I hate people who just flame someone who is playing bad and who keeps trying to improve his game and therefore gives HHs to Coaches who show those mistakes to everyone.

    But you are right, It would be better to just take the tough spots, not the easy ones and make it for people who already know the basics through the articles and beginner videos.
    On the other Hand: this is a beginner Video. Otherwise it would be for silver+.

    Like I said, sry for the tone, I just outbursted...
  • niknik88


    It was because Ive just seen a Video where so many people just flamed around without any reason. Hero was was playing bad and thy laughed about him.
    This reminded me of that one and I could see the next Comments coming up...

    The good Thing: those who play bad and get coached will be much better in the long run than thos who just watch some vids and flame around.
  • niknik88


    phew, such a bad grossundkleinschreibung :D
  • AdamLaw33


    tks, this was a good watch.. Happy New Year ALL..
  • smiffydee


    Good vid. Nice to see other people get a bit bemussed by some folks crazy all-in shoves. I play alot of low stakes MTT and SNG's and this is a very irratating occurance when your playing. Always makes the tourney more of a gamble rather then good game. Thats why we love it i guess
  • pppppp555555


    Educationial enough for me. going to play 180 turbo to PS :). Cant wait other stuff like this
  • Chaka069


  • herf7987


    which software does hero use for the stats?
  • FrankMonty


    thanks for the vid.

    Another software question: What does Aaron use to record the tables?
  • jass1960


    Laughing out loud at Aaron's astonishment at all-in play and multiway pots :)
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks for the kind words!

    Hero in this video is a friend of mine and yes he needs a ton of work! I plan on trying to make him better when he gets time to work on his game.

    I think this video is designed more for the beginning players because they will make similar mistakes. Also, if you are playing micros maybe you do make similar mistakes as well.

    And yes some of the play did amaze me :D.
  • AaronLambert


    The software is Holdem Manager
  • AaronLambert


    The software I use is Camtasia Studio
  • Alexh2o


    what about the second part of the video?
    thanks, great vid ;)
  • AaronLambert


    That will be coming soon :D
  • Daniel72ko


    Very nice video Aaron, your hero owned me at 37:07 lol
  • AaronLambert


    Happens Daniel :D
  • kdouble08


    Good stuff. Many useful general info about microstakes!
  • Xerrea


    Can i be your friend too?
  • AaronLambert


    sure Xerrea :D
  • Xerrea


    YEY! You're awesome :D
  • AaronLambert




    @4 i hope this series will continue with you, bronze donk. no offense but we all started somewhere :)
  • stevegold87


    Wow at hero getting kings like 4 times at the end of the video lol.
  • 1stTilt


    Min raises on PS in micro is huge weakness. You can almost always reraise them for a fold.
  • SniffvsSnaf


    Nice interesting video... one thing I like to point out though, is that you at least should have 220$ a bankroll as a beginner here.

    BR for MTTs at least 100 times the buy in.
  • Harnas31


    cute :)
  • nicopoker90


    excelent video ! :)
  • tatisan


    Almost an year after this video has been released and at $2.5 180man, first 2 rounds of blinds still the best play is to shove AK, QQ+.